Few HNI Types at a glance.

  • High Salaried

    High Salaried and Very Very high Salaried Active HNI database.

  • Top Corporate

    All Top Corporate and decision makers in very top position of MNC like CEO.

  • Doctors

    High Earner all Top HNI Doctors with complete details and latest database.

  • Club Members

    All elite club members whom you can target to sell your product.

  • Car Owner

    Mid to luxary car owner for marketing your product.

  • Business Owner

    All top level business owner to showcase your product

Database Quantity Avaliable Location Wise.

An Estimate Quantity Avaliable of each location is below. This will may be different in current time. Please register call by submitting the form "Share your Database Requirement" to get the exact avaliable quantity.

  • Mumbai HNI Database - 5 Lac and above(Record)
  • Delhi HNI Database - 5 Lac and above(Record)
  • Bangalore HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Chennai HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Kolkata HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Hyderabad HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Pune HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Thane HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Surat HNI Database (Gujarat) 2 Lac (Record)
  • Lucknow HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Jaipur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Indore HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Gurgaon HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Chandigarh HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Noida HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Nagpur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Coimbatore HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Ludhiana HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Nashik HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Bhopal HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Varanasi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Allahabad HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Kochi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Jodpur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Udaipur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Kanpur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Lonavala HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Ranchi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Jhansi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Kochi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Aurangabad HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Solapur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Gwalior HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)

General Pricing

Please Note :
1) This is General price exact price only sales team can let you know once you registered your call with us.
2) The exact price get raised from the general price depend upon the amount of filtration applied and Premium database like HNI, Car Owner, IBPS etc.
3) The Complete set always cost very low like 1.5 cr of complete kerala database will cost us only 15k/-
4) All the price are exclusive of tax


INR Free

  • 100-500 Data Count
  • 80% Accuracy
  • 0 to 4 hours delivery SLA
  • xls format delivery
  • 0 - 2 hours query resolve SLA
  • DND status on request
  • Whatsapp Active status on request



  • 1,00000 Data Count
  • 80% Accuracy
  • 0 to 4 hours delivery SLA
  • xls format delivery
  • 0 - 2 hours query resolve SLA
  • DND status on request
  • Whatsapp Active status on request



  • 5,00000 Data Count
  • 80% Accuracy
  • 0 to 4 hours delivery SLA
  • xls format delivery
  • 0 - 2 hours query resolve SLA
  • DND status on request
  • Whatsapp Active status on request

F.A.Q. - HNI Database

You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one. Let's find out!

Premium product or service require Premium customer. Reach the HNI or Ultra HNI of all over India or in your city with our top quality 99% verified HNI databases. Increase your leads and Sales and reach new customer with clean HNI databases.

HNI data is list of High Net worth Individuals or family's in India with high per annum income and viable investor for your product and service.

Experts and top HNI database . HNI Database list contain various fields as per your custom requirement and category like name, email, mobile, address with city and state, salary, etc. Purchase the HNI database city or sate wise.

Reach your product or service to the HNI of India through Email marketing and SMS marketing. HNI are the potential customer because of their high spending capacity for various sectors like Retailers, Traders, Importers, Exporters, Software Companies, Builders, Real Estate Promoters, BPO Companies, Banks & Financial Companies.

We provide various types of Indian Hni Database List e.g.: hni clients database, Top corporate House(ceo, cfo, coo), shipping cargo agents, Hni database, Hni Demat database, Hni Car database, Hni Salary database, student database, demat account holders, equity and share market, stock traders and commodity, car owners database, Hotels and restuarant owner database, doctors list, employees salary database, job seekers database, exporter importer directory, Garment textile, working women, nri database list, property agents database, builders ,Club Member, property and real estate companies database, Frequent Flyers, school, Data Card Users, colleges, mutual fund and ipo investors, general insurance, Travel Agent, life insurance, Two wheeler Agents, Indian Importers, university database, Indian Exporters, online product seller, Mobile Subscriber, pin code wise election campaigns database, car loan customers, investors for investment, self employed, professionals, executives, International databases we expertise in providing custom database as per client requirement.

As a supplier, provider and vendor of HNI databases for pan India we understand the business value of latest data and maintain our data base regularly with latest records. Our database is completely Opt - In please check our FAQ for complete data collection procedure.

Experts and top Pan India HNI database . We understand requirement of every business is unique. We focus on your marketing ROI and provide you with the exact HNI database cater to your business needs. We expertise in providing custom HNI database as per your business demands.

Buy database in 3 simple steps
step 1: Share your requirement by filling the requirement form.
step 2) Our sales team will contact you with sample database and quotation.
step 3) Pay money online and get the complete delivery.


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